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Welcome to Cardinal Restorations where we restore beauty to your life!

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Our Story...

Welcome to Cardinal Restorations, your wood restoration Mecca! Our first priority is outstanding customer service, and our team is committed to your satisfaction in all aspects of the job. Let our passion for our work help you restore those passion-projects of your own.


We have been in business for 20 years providing repair and restoration of furniture and cabinets. We specialize in antiques restoration but work on any kind of furniture. We also repair and refinish cabinets.

We offer a 5 year warranty (the best in the business!) on all work we do, no matter how small the job.

Insurance Claims

Fire Damage

Water Damage



Moving Damage


We are one of the few companies in the nation that can do in-house custom color matching and restore fire and water damaged cabinets. We can work directly with you or your adjuster to get your furniture and cabinets back in shape, usually better than before damage occurred.

Whatever the cause – fire, water, moving damage, kids, pets or just plain OOPS! – we can restore it. We ARE the original recyclers! We’re here to guide you and offer you the information and clarity you need to make an informed decision about your project. So, contact us today to discuss your project!


Questions? Comments? Concerns? Quote Requests? Get in touch with us Today!

NC - 910-480-2523

VA, MD, DC - 443-550-9301

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